Why a grocery tour may be the thing you need to eat healthy

"I believe I eat healthy. You know, I eat whole wheat bread, switched to soy milk, and eat granola and low-fat yogurt for breakfast." I hear this often from new clients who think they eat healthy, and can't understand why they still don't feel as light and energized as they'd like.

One of the things we work on is understanding that not all "whole wheat bread and soy milk" are created the same, and that the products that we consider healthy often aren't. My experience has shown me that there are three main obstacles to adopting a healthy life, and lack of education as a consumer is one of them (in addition to what I call Rooted Diet Mindset and the usual Logistical Challenges).

Before buying a new car, we do extensive research, ask our friends about their experience, and read customer reviews. Why not do the same with food? That's why there are people like me, a Nutrition Health Coach who does the due diligence carefully, and packages the right information so you gain the knowledge and not spend hours learning about added sugars, genetically modified crops in the United States or monosodium glutamate! Yes my friends, a lot of the "healthy" products we consume have these in them (among others) and explain why we're getting sick, fat and feel tired and heavy. We are what we eat (and don't eat). I believe in the importance of educating my clients as consumers so they:

  1. Know how food is made, grown or raised.

  2. Understand what the nutrition facts label really tells us.

  3. Recognize inflammatory ingredients that we should avoid and are pervasive in the supply chain.

  4. When my clients are open to it, I add a fourth: learn the environmental and social impact of their purchasing decisions.

The way I can help you become a smarter consumer and, as a result, make better decisions for your health, is through a Grocery Tour. I'll meet you at the market of your choice and go over a structured package of contents I create based on your (and/or your family's) dietary preferences, tastes, favorite foods, and routines.

If you care about learning how to identify real foods and make smarter purchasing decisions, a Grocery Tour is the perfect way to complement your willingness to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.

Email me if you want to learn more about my Tours and Pantry Renewals, another similar alternative I offer. I'm happy to chat and learn more about your health concerns and goals. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram, where I cover a few of the things I teach my clients during the Tours.

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